Job Application Coaching

As a psychologist with professional experience in the recruiting department of various well-known German companies I can advise you professionally in all areas of the application process.

My offer includes support in the creation and optimization of application documents such as cover letters and CV, preparation for job interviews or assessment center and coaching for the successful conduct of salary negotiations. Advice is provided online via 
video technology. 

Please find my range of services below.

Improving your Job Application 

Make your application documents (e.g. cover letter, CV) stand out from the rest! Since the first selection takes place based on the application documents, they should be particularly convincing. I will review your application documents before our call and provide you with feedback and concrete suggestions so that you can leave an optimal first impression.

Preparation for Job Interviews

For many people, job interviews are a stressful situation because the pressure to perform well is very high. The good news is that job interviews tend to be very similar. There are many typical questions that you can prepare for very well and enter the conversation with confidence. As a psychologist with years of professional experience, I know what HR professionals and executives focus on and look for in candidates. My coaching will prepare you to make the best possible impression.

Preparation for Assessment Center

A lot of German companies conduct assessment center as an evaluation tool. The structure of assessment center is usually very similar, which means you can prepare very well for them. Together we will go through the various exercises that are commonly used and practice them until you feel comfortable. Since I know what HR professionals and executives focus on, I can give you professional feedback and advice for improvement.

Advice for Salary Negotiations

Your performance during salary negotiations will impact your financial standing in the coming years. You shouldn't sell yourself below value. I would be happy to advise you on strategies for salary negotiations so that you can reach the desired outcome.